With the PAINT YOUR ARTIST collection, we launch a new proposal for crafts and family’s activities in the context of the Art’s history and its great painters.

Everyone can paint a great masterpiece!

Inside each box OF PAINT  YOUR ARTIST, a 12-color PLAYCOLOR BASIC ONE case with a 60 * 42 cm sheet of the selected artist’s sketch inside.  In addition, a “step-by-step” instruction sheet to execute it.

This is not only a great idea, also a great way to educate, enjoy and learn about Art in a nice way. Conceptualized to discover the works of DA VINCI, VELÁZQUEZ or VAN GOGH, small artists, teenagers and paint lovers will be inspired by learning and using a high-quality tool. (the sticks of solid tempera painting).

These three references are served to the distribution channel in an outer box  of 6 cases (2 * 3 painters) – Ref. 11081.


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