FULL OF MAGIC (and glitter) MASK

Those who follow our website and also our social media, so all the creative ideas that we are hanging, have already discovered that we love to dress up (leopard, Catrina). It is simply great, to be able to transform yourself into a totally different character and change your reality just in a REM.

If you are thinking about moving into a fantasy world, glitter is the key and essential element. Therefore, any handcraft with the liquid tempera PLAYCOLOR LIQÜID GLITTER becomes  in a success.

We had a funny afternoon making some beautiful glitter masks. Do you dare?

A piece of cardboard to throw away.
Scissors, and a drawing pencil.
Cleaning smoking-pipes bars (available in tobacco shop or craft shops).
Stars stickers.


step 1- glitter mask

STEP 1. – Build your own template in a white sheet and cut it with scissors or a punch.


glitter handcraft

STEP 2. – Draw the template silhouette on top of the piece of cardboard and cut it with scissors or punch.


Antifaz con purpurina

STEP 3.- Let your creativity away, to create a beautiful glitter mask. Start painting the background with PLAYCOLOR BASIC ONE or PLAYCOLOR METALLIC ONE.

Once dry, shine on top with PLAYCOLOR LIQÜID GLITTER.

Finish the mask by adding stickers and the cleaning smoking-pipes bars as antennas.


ejemplos varios antifaz purpurina

As you see, with your inspiration, you can create really beautiful masks. And even hanging them on the wall, and create a beautiful decoration or a fantasy corner for a kid’s room.

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