Halloween is gaining followers all around the world and is not a celebration aimed only at children. Young people and adults enjoy this night in nightclubs and pubs that set up to the most terrifying themes.

During the dead’s night, not only American model has been imported, traditions of other countries, such as the popular catrinas of Mexico, are also taking their place all around.

The point is to dress up and do it in the most original and terrific way, to be totally scary. For that reason, some will chose to acquire an already designed costume, but others are, more and more,  really interested in creating a personalized costume.


PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP offers two references with the  ZOMBIE theme, perfect for the occasion.



And with no doubt, all HALLOWEEN followers will makeup and those who already know it, chose PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP: for its great creaminess, pleasant texture, luminosity and intensity of its wide range of colors, and above all, for its easy removal only with soap and water. PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP is a cosmetic-quality tested make-up stick,  without parabens, perfect for all those looking to enjoy the party.





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