Tutorial: Leopard make up

The elegance of the leopard is not comparable to that of any other animal. Is it?

Just because of this fact leopard costume is timeless. Discover how to make a beautiful leopard makeup to give a final touch to your carnaval costume.



STEP 1.- Apply a yellow base on the entire face of PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP BASIC. If you want to give it a more glamorous touch, just use the golden make up stick of PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP METALLIC. It will also looks great! Avoid to cover eyelids  and lips area.



STEP 2.- You can apply  black color makeup on yellow base to create the spots of the leopard skin.


maquillando nariz leopardo

STEP 3.- Fullfill the nose in black color.


maquillando morro leopardo

STEP 4.- Draw a line, also in black, between the nose and the lip (without covering it), to finish leopard’s nose.


pecas leopardo

STEP 5.- Give the final touch, adding small freckles on the cheeks.


mirando en el espejo el maquillaje final

Do you like? Grrrrrrr … What a fear! The end result will be simply great. And so easy!

Remember that PLAYCOLOR MAKE UP is a makeup creamly bar and intense colors. It is free of main allergens and parabens. To removes it is very easily with soap and water.

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